Space Grey Vis Viva Beauty satin Lined Cap

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The adjustable SPACE GREY Vis Viva satin cap is one of our top selling caps. It’s great for every season.

Wear it indoors or outdoors. Use it as a scrub cap, for styling, for hair plopping and to protect your hair.

The uniquely designed adjustable cap fits adults and children. It has plenty of room to accommodate all types of hair including bulky hair, locs, braids, hair with rollers, flexi rods and stays on through the night.

The cap is fitted with a button that allows you to adjust to size and comfort.


IMPORTANCE OF SLEEPING WITH SATIN LINED CAPS: The satin lining helps hair retain moisture and prevents hair damage. It prevents split ends, protects hair from the dryness caused by friction between your hair and moisture-absorbing materials like cotton, greatly reducing breakage, tangles and thinning.